• Pallet Flow Racking

    Pallet flow racking is a dynamic storage system, sliding in one direction is designed in motion conveyor technology has made ​​its slope movement on one side of the pallet.

    Pallet flow racking best quality in Vietnam

    Used carton flow rack, pallet racking storage systems

    Pallet flow racking is the pallet conveyor system applications using gravity conveyor to move the pallets. Each chain conveyors including roller suites in accordance with the high quality pallets.
    The major part of the storage system is static shelves and roll tracks up. The rollers are arranged in a row along the lower rack, and gravity is used to move pallets from one place to another.
    Each string of the brake system has to control the movement of the pallet. When a pallet is removed, the next pallet is pushed further forward. Pallet Flow racking system suitable for warehouse systems adhere to the principle of FIFO ( First In , First Out ).
    When the volume of goods to be moved from place to place and unloading of goods , goods to be removed before the front. This is the ideal system when the pallet is transported where required without the use of forklifts, such as a production line. Less dependence on forklifts also means greater flexibility, reduced investment costs for the forklift, and system damage caused by forklifts.
    Pallet flow racking often applied warehouses with commodities of the same type. Basic capital investment is higher than other types of shelves. Adjust the installation more difficult.
    Pallet flow racking
    Pallet flow racking
    Pallet flow racking
    Pallet flow racking
    Pallet flow racking
    Pallet flow racking

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