• Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

    Heavy duty cantilever racking this type of shelving is ideal for the storage of goods without facing congestion points are arranged for the loading and unloading of bulky products, multi size.

    Heavy duty cantilever racking, wire shelving racks

    Racks shelving workbenches, wire rack shelving parts


    Heavy duty cantilever racking are the most popular type of rack used for storing large and awkward items. These racks are big enough to store long, flat items on and they can also do it in an organized manner.
    These pallet racks are commonly used for stacking lumber, PVC pipes and similar long materials on. They are also designed to handle the weight of heavy loads. The cantilever design makes it easier to load and unload the pallet racks.
    Our cantilever rack systems are ideal for long or irregular shaped products. Such applications include sheet metal, lumber, pipe, vinyl siding, and furniture storage. Roof arms can be incorporated for outdoor storage needs.
    A structural steel Cantilever Rack is a multi-level, high storage, specialty rack designed to handle many types and sizes of products. With freedom from upright column interference, it allows easier product placement and removal.
    Cantilever racks is an excellent storage solution for furniture, lumber, steel bars, pipe and tubes. To effectively design a cantilever rack system you must take into account the material being stored (weight, flexibility & size.)
    Designed in super strength carcass, provide high-load operation protection in all-weather. Extended tread pattern nose design, protected carcass like an iron rampart. Good self- cleaning large lug pattern design, provide excellent performance in grip and Skid resistance.
    Heavy duty cantilever racking style L
    Heavy duty cantilever racking style L
    Heavy duty cantilever racking style T
    Heavy duty cantilever racking style T
    Heavy duty cantilever racking style I
    Heavy duty cantilever racking style I

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