• Carton flow rack

    Carton flow rack shelf height and dimensions are easily adjustable, allowing for the storage of different product types according to shelf.

    The carton flow rack, also known as a case flow rack or gravity flow rack, is one of the most convenient existing warehouse racking systems, and can save you both time and money. A carton flow rack is a type of shelving unit that uses a gravity-driven system, allowing items loaded from the rear of the unit to roll forward on an incline and be easily accessible at the front of the shelf.

    Carton flow rack

    The carton flow shelves are equipped with either roller or wheel tracks to help product “flow” forward.  When an item is removed from the front of the shelves, the remaining product is automatically rotated on a first-in, first-out basis.

    Carton flow rack

    Carton flow racks are ideal for picking warehouses and provide a great solution for high-velocity, mass-consumption, or dated storage items, such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. The storage “flow” ensures constant and rapid product access and makes it easy to track product availability.

    Carton flow rack

    Whether your business requires full-carton or open-case picking, carton flow racks keep product organized, and the ease of the stocking and picking process helps to keep efficiency up and labor costs down.

    Carton flow rack

    Additionally, carton flow racks use only half the floor space of a standard pallet rack system, saving warehouse space and installation costs. Though ideal for picking warehouses, carton flow rack systems can fit every size of warehouse and price range, and can be utilized with conveyors, as well as other storage rack systems.


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