• Carton Flow Rack Rollers

    Carton Flow Rack Rollers with flexible designs on moving conveyor belt,through the rollers and controlled deceleration devices.Shelves are used in dry environments or cold storage warehousing.

    Carton Flow Rack Rollers, Rack System Warehouse

    Carton Flow Rack Rollers solution is flexible cargo moving on the conveyor belt moves through the rollers to move to one side without the use of pallets.
    Carton flow rack rollers
    Carton flow rack rollers
    Carton Flow Rack Rollers with high capacity and durability, bringing high economic efficiency. Save time, is used to increase the efficiency of the selected object selection principle "First in - first out". Apply the same type of goods, without the use of forklifts.
    Carton flow rack rollers
    Carton flow rack rollers
    Carton flow rack advantages: improved visibility and accuracy goods, can help protect against abuse of the goods. Increased cargo storage area of 70%, can load up to 1000kg/tang or more.
    Video Carton flow rack rollers

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