• Carton flow storage shelves

    Carton flow storage shelves manufactured under modern production lines, is a system of automatic sliding storage, plenty of storage dedicated to spare parts, food, pharmaceutical...

    Carton flow storage shelves

    Shelves carton contains hangVinarack flow commonly used in cargo centers, versatile storage centers ... more categories but the number is not much need to store or merchandise shall apply the principle of entry in the direction of "Enter front - Production before "/ FIFO.

    Carton flow storage shelves
    Carton flow storage shelves

    Technical advantages:

    - Design engineering carousel form the slope of the moving cargo container or tray to move to one side (not used pallet).

    - Applies to many different storage methods.

    - No need to use a forklift to store cargo.

    - Storage space can be increased to 60%, speeding up import - export of goods.

    - Load up to 1000 kg / floors or more, depending on your requirements.

    - Product warranty 7 years shelves nationwide.

    Carton flow storage shelves


    - This solution is often applied warehouses with products of many kinds of goods such as spare parts, food, pharmaceutical ...

    - This shelf type usually used in dry environments or cold storage warehousing.

    - Shelving Carton Flow storage is often used in the cargo center, multi-purpose storage center.


    Carton flow storage shelves
    Carton flow storage shelves

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