• Carton flow rack design

    Carton flow rack design containing millet aviation use pallet storage solutions that use direct, mounted roller skate set the boxes on an instruction quickly and effectively.

    Carton flow rack design

    Sliding Shelves flexibility when importing goods with the pallet is placed on the ramp and slide on the rollers and automatic succession to take advantage of space, goods storage will rotate for shipment. When taking a pallet, the pallet next will automatically fill in the gaps with additional top shelf from the other side, the pallet speed is controlled by the speed reduction device.

    These advantages offer sliding racks:
    + Can be arranged from 2-20 cargo pallet depth of shelves.
    + Does not require specialized forklifts.
    + Export of goods according to the list automatically.
    + Stacker not move deep into the shelf system.
    + Enter the goods quickly.
    + Easy access to goods.
    + Paint: green - orange with high adhesion protective stainless inner structure.
    + Weight: 1020kg / pallet.


    Carton flow rack design

    Carton flow rack design

    Carton flow rack design
    Carton flow rack design

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